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Our Story

A History of Hampshire Commodities

The company was founded by our managing director Colin Newman in August 1993.

His background was initially in resin manufacture and edible oils. Then he joined Unilever and became involved in seed crushing and refining including European castor crushing.

He was later approached to run one of the last independent vegetable oil refining and trading business in the UK and to rebuild their vegetable oil refinery. This was eventually sold to a multinational company at which time he decided to set up Hampshire Commodities.

In the early 2000’s we were fortunate to have key people join us all of whom had years of experience in the vegetable oil industry, especially castor crushing and oil processing which with their vast technical expertise greatly assisted in growing the business further.

Hampshire Commodities Rape Seed Oil

25 Years of Growth

25 years on the business continues to be very successful with a wide client base including many blue chip companies, not only in the UK but Europe and many other countries.

In late 2016 we added to the board and continue the ethos and record of fair advice, honesty and our on-time delivery performance which has helped us maintain our excellent reputation in the market.

The appointment of a new external sales representative has opened up new opportunities and to this end, we are moving forward with expansion into the personal care market with a new range of carrier oils.

We continue to strive for improvement and are always ready for a challenge be it reach, carbon footprint, sustainability or something unseen in the future.


Hampshire Commodities Ltd. (HCL) with our partner PSM HR (outsourced HR) updated our company handbook to encompass the ever changing world in which we live. This incorporates much of now what we now see as CSR and includes the following; HSE, equal opportunities, REACh, carbon emissions, sustainability and many other topics.

Industry Associations


HCL have been active members of the association serving time on the board of directors. The ICOA work hard to promote Castor Oil and it’s derivatives the world over and have been a leading light in the research to rid this oil of its association with the toxin Ricin amongst other things.


HCL buy and sell our oils under the guidance of FOSFA terms and have been members for many years. The governance of moving loads, jurisdiction and claims are all catered for within their many terms.


We have been kosher approved by the Manchester Beth Din for a number of years and are audited annually for compliance. Most of our products are covered under this agreement and the vast majority of our producers are also compliant at source.


REACh has been a long and wide spread phasing in of detailed chemical registration. Hampshire Commodities Ltd. has been active in making sure all our products comply with this regulation and/or are exempt from registration. Please get in touch to find out further details.


We are currently reviewing all our products (with X Carbon) to establish our carbon footprint. These figures will be uploaded to our website in the near future.  If you would like further information please use the contact form.

Soil Association & BRC

Personal care products are all produced, warehoused and distributed from Soil association and BRC accredited partners.

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