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CSR & Sustainability


Hampshire Commodities Ltd. (HCL) with our partner PSM HR (outsourced HR) updated our company handbook to encompass the ever changing world in which we live. This incorporates much of what we now see as CSR and includes the following. Although this is not an exhaustive list, it covers topics such as Equal opportunities, HSE, Anti Bribery, Alcohol and Substance abuse, REACh, carbon emissions, ISO and many other topics.

Equal opportunities

HCL is an Equal Opportunities employer and in general would wish to go beyond the strict legal requirements as determined by statute (e.g. the Equality Act 2010) in order to be seen to promote sound and fair management practices and procedures at all times. It is therefore the Company’s aim to provide equality of opportunities for all employees by providing a working environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation on the grounds of sex, marital status, sexuality, disability, age, race, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, religious or political beliefs and trade union membership. This principle will equally apply to recruitment, training, promotion, dismissal, transfer and all benefits, terms and conditions of employment.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse

To maintain the professionalism of the Company and for the benefit of the health and safety of all employees and visitors to the Company, the consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the Company’s premises other than when specifically authorised by a Senior Manager or during management or Company sponsored public relations events.

The inappropriate use of alcohol or drugs can damage the health and well-being of employees and have far-reaching effects on their personal and working lives. At work, alcohol or drug misuse can result in reduced levels of attendance, sub-standard work performance and increased health and safety risks not only for the individual concerned but also for others, for example work colleagues, members of the public, contractors, service users. Furthermore, the effects of alcohol or drug misuse are likely to be detrimental to the Company’s reputation and image and its ability to deliver high-quality services.

The Company is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment and to promoting the health, safety and well-being of its employees. The Drug and Alcohol Policy is designed to ensure that employees are aware of the risks associated with alcohol/drug misuse and the consequences, including the legal consequences, of their actions.

X Carbon


We are currently reviewing all our products (with X Carbon) to establish our carbon footprint. These figures will be uploaded to our website in the near future.  If you would like further information please use the contact form.


Our company handbook sets out the guidelines for Anti Bribery and makes it very clear what our objectives are.

Whistle Blowing

The company encourages a free and open culture in dealings between all employees and also with people with whom we engage in all aspects of business. As a consequence we take any form of malpractice seriously and we urge employees to raise matters when it is just a concern, rather than waiting for proof or attempting to investigate the matter yourself. Please note that employees are not entitled to make a disclosure if in so doing they commit a criminal offence.

This policy is designed to provide guidance to all employees who from time to time feel that they need to raise certain issues relating to the company with someone in confidence.


The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a significant change to the way data is handled and essentially the first real update to the Law of Data Protection for decades. It will strengthen and eventually replace the current Data Protection Act (1998) and is designed to protect the personal data and privacy of citizens across Europe. GDPR will not be affected by the UK’s exit from the EU and the Regulation comes fully into effect on 25 May 2018.



REACh has been a long and widespread phasing in of detailed chemical registration. Hampshire Commodities Ltd. has been active in making sure all our products comply with this regulation and/or are exempt from registration. Please get in touch to find out further details.


All our third party production facilities, warehousing, logistics and storage operations carry the full range of applicable ISO standards.

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